Chuka Ibeachum

Pastor Chuka Ibeachum is one of the senior Pastors within Christ Embassy organisation. An anointed minister of the word and a great teacher, who teaches the word with such simplicity and clarity enabling one to apply it in everyday life and situations.

Pastor Val

Pastor Val

Pastor Val is the wife and co-pastor of Pastor Chuka. A profoundly gifted woman of God, who is full of the spirit. She teaches and ministers the word in a very unique way causing the hearers to see themselves catapulted to a place of health, victory and success.


Pastoral Assistants

Christ Embassy Catford is blessed with great men and women of God, who are strong armour bearers to the Pastors in Christ Embassy Catford, making the work of equipping the saints and giving individual care and support much easier and quickly accessible.                


Co-ordinator Faith

Faith is a spiritual daughter of Pastor Chuka & Pastor Val. Raised in Christ Embassy Catford, she is a vibrant minister who preaches with great passion. Her and her husband have pioneered an extension church of Christ Embassy Catford- Christ Embassy Sidcup, where they pastor.


Co-ordinator Michael

Co-ordinator Michael is one of Pastor Chuka & Pastor Val’s spiritual sons. Proven to be faithful labourer and able minster of the gospel, he and his wife were the first to be sent to pioneer and pastor an extension church of Christ Embassy Catford chapter- Christ Embassy Eltham.


Co-ordinator Vanessa

Co-ordinator Vanessa is one of Pastor Chuka & Pastor Val’s spiritual daughters. Raised up and groomed in CE Catford for many years, she is now sent forth to pioneer and pastor the latest of Christ Embassy Catford extended church- Christ Embassy Forest Hill.